For over a decade and a half, we have been going to places that others cannot get to. Using snow rover vehicles, rough terrain equipment or air craft, Legacy personnel get people and equipment both in and out of inhospitable places. We always do it with safety as our number one priority. Our staff has been the standard for reliability in remote access partially due to investment in late model equipment, but more because of our experience. Legacy’s people have experience providing services and materials across the Pacific Rim, to Alaska, Antarctica, and the Gulf. That makes the Rockies, Cascades and Olympics seem pretty tame by comparison. Let our seasoned team put solutions where they need to be, when they need to be there!

Remote Access

When terrain does not allow ground access and you still need a tower, call Legacy! Legacy is well equipped to handle even the trickiest of outdoor situations, we'll get there and we can even get you there - Safely! From snow to rock we have you covered!

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Remote Inspection

Using state of the art camera and video equipment, Legacy can provide safe documentation of your remote or disabled assets, without regard to their condition or accessibility.
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Legacy maintains a fleet with enough trucks, trailers and hauling capacity to get the job done! We have over 20+ construction rigs, 8 Custom built maintenance beds serve our customers and crews.

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