Transportation to and from remote and uninhabited points is a task that requires serious, full time commitment. At Legacy, we don’t cart recreational thrill seekers around, we put professionals in a position to do their job well and get them back safely. These places can be logistical nightmares for many people, but at Legacy, it is what we do for a living! You can count on late model and reliable equipment, the best trained personnel, and the latest rescue and communication gear in the industry. Whether it be our snow rovers, snowmobiles, tracked UTVs, 4 wheel drive trucks, all terrain vehicles or even air support services, we get the job done.

Our Four Pillars

Character – What we choose as individuals shapes the perspective people have of Legacy. Because actions do speak louder than words, our consistency of purpose in following the golden rule must resist compromise. It is of paramount importance that we do what we say we will do.
Quality – In an industry that has grown rapidly, there is pressure to hurry. The ramifications of this can generally be found in the area of quality. The sacrifice of quality for quantity is unacceptable and we pledge not to bow to that pressure. Perfect is good enough! That is a phrase you’ll hear a lot around our shop, office and warehouse. Our customers deserve our best work, because perfect is better than early.
Safety – Safety cannot be quantified as an investment. Our investment in training is evident the certifications held by our employees, but the true yardstick of effectiveness is content people practicing safe behavior in their everyday duties. This can only be accomplished by a top down commitment to excellence from each individual member of our team. Legacy is a national leader in telecom services safety.
Delivery – Any product or service in the marketplace, which is of value, must be at the right place at the right time. As the place or time move away from the expectation of the client, the value decreases. It is the desire of Legacy to deliver the highest quality on the time scale anticipated by the customer, and at the highest level of quality. A good deal ends with the satisfaction of not only our clients, but our employees, subcontractors and suppliers. That encompasses the essence of the motto; Under Promise . . . Over Deliver.