View from My Office

Sometimes the view from my office in the Snow Rover is better than the view from a cubicle. Have Legacy carry your people or parts safely in the comfort of one of our Pisten Bully Snow Rovers! We run only late model equipment so you will also get back. Taking care of technicians makes me Love my job!

Prime Power for Public Safety

Legacy’s Remote Staff worked hand in hand or hand in glove with the Legacy Power team to install 2 prime power generators in a public safety shelter. While the snow rover trip is long and the conditions were pretty harsh, the view was fantastic, the company great and the public served. Even when you are on America’s most remote wideContinued

Cat is Headed Home from the Top!

After spending a few days on the various Cascade mountain tops, I am convinced that winter is here with a fury! Make sure your Cat operator is qualified and has all the equipment and technology to get you home. Legacy rigs always carry Sat Phones, 406 MHz PLB’s and a backup plan. We also onlyContinued