United Tower Alliance

Using state-of-the-art camera and video equipment, Legacy can provide safe documentation of your remote or disabled assets, without regard to their condition or accessibility.

We have many resources in-house to help you know what is happening on your site. With off-road access vehicles, snow rovers, aircraft, laser scan or UAVs available, we use the best and latest appropriate technologies to serve you. Legacy has been called by many organizations, both private and public to lend a hand in time of need and especially in time of natural disaster.

Legacy is also a proud Performance Partner of the UTA or Untied Tower Alliance. We perform UAV inspections on communication towers and upload it to the Drone Work Advisor© for image enhancement and data delivery to the client. This state-of-the-art Digital Visual Asset Inspection Platform is complemented by our ability to get to your sites and know what to look for when we arrive. We also build relationships with landlords and neighbors ensuring your future investments are protected as well.