When terrain does not allow ground access and you still need services, call Legacy! We are well equipped to handle even the trickiest of outdoor situations, we’ll get there and we’ll get you back – Safely! From snow to rock we have you covered in all four seasons!

Multiple kinds of snow create the most diverse and challenging requirements in North America for tracked vehicle operations. We deal with everything from Rocky Mountain “champagne powder”, Olympic “popcorn” and Cascade Range “concrete”. But we don’t just navigate the snow, we read it!

With our trained and certified remote access by snow rover, snow mobile or UTV, weather is not holding your project back any longer.

Logistics mean Versatility

One of the most important features of site logistics is understanding the customers requirements, before they show up. We are practiced at clearing roads the day before the client needs a ride so that we can honor their need for efficiency. Another option is utilizing equipment to the fullest, like when we use a 40 MPH Commander to travel 20 light snow miles so that the 6 MPH Snow Rover can safely cover the last deep snow 4 miles saving an out of market technician almost 7 hours of time in the passenger seat. Versatility must also be prepared!