NATE Unveils 2nd Edition of Unmanned Aerial Systems Safety Resource

“The 2nd Edition of this valuable safety resource is a by-product of collaboration between the NATE Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Committee and other prominent representatives from the commercial UAS industry. The intended focus of the document is on UAS operations around wireless infrastructure, cellular towers, broadcast towers and utility structures. The 2nd Edition also incorporates updates from the new guidelines and provisions associated with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Rule 107 for the commercial utilization of UAS technologies.

The NATE Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Committee consists of the following members:

·         Christopher Desmond (Verizon Wireless)
·         Greg Emerick (Sentera)
·         Jim Goldwater (Bob Lawrence & Associates)
·         John Paul Jones (Tower & Turbine Technologies LLC)
·         Robert McCoy (Crown Castle)
·         Jimmy Miller (MillerCo, Inc.)
·         Chris Moccia (Measure)
·         Art Pregler (AT&T)
·         Todd Schlekeway (NATE)
·         Jim Tracy (Legacy Telecommunications, Inc.)

The UAS Committee has pledged to be a source of information by providing timely updates to NATE members and industry stakeholders as key developments continue to emerge in the landscape surrounding Unmanned Aerial Systems.”

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